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Sandy Abley, JD, CFP, TEP

Friends and clients, please follow me on my new business page @thewealthdoc on Facebook and Instagram dedicated to helping everyone better understand money, finance and planning. I want to help clients grow, maintain, preserve and ultimately transition their wealth. I’m a money coach and consultant who will provide unbiased guidance.

Just like a personal trainer or nutritionist who helps you become a stronger and healthier person, I guide individuals and families to better enjoy their money and to make the right financial decisions. Leading a successful and balanced life also means having your financial life in order. I assist newlyweds, widows, divorcees, those who have won large settlements, professionals, artists, retirees, couples and others who need a money coach to guide them during different points in their lives and to navigate the investment, tax and financial worlds.

I also work with non-profit organizations, companies and other professionals where I am a consultant on their projects, toolkits and curriculums.

I practiced in the areas of estates and tax law for 15 years before becoming a money coach. I am a certified financial planner (CFP) and a Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP). I also hold a joint degree in business and psychology. As the former Vice President & Regional Director of Planning for a nationally recognized financial institution, I provided overall leadership and strategic direction to advanced planning experts. I have a part-time legal practice in association with Onyx Law Group in Vancouver.

The definition of “success” is different for everyone and I want to help others define that for themselves. You can learn more about my professional background on

DISCLAIMER: The updates and posts on this site are not legal, accounting or tax advice/opinions. Readers should not act on the basis of these updates and posts without first consulting with a lawyer and/or accountant.

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